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Human Connection through data-driven insights

Coaches and clinicians use PWR Lab to predict fitness for runners.

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PWR Lab System

Coach your Clients, Coach Your Team

Performance and health are intimately linked: you can’t have one without the other. This connection does not stop at the end of every workout. With PWR Lab, coaches help their teams and clients analyze how their performance and health are directly linked to injury risk.

Connected (or Remote) Athlete Monitoring. PWR Lab empowers communication and awareness through linking athletes directly to those who make the best better.

We provide coaches, health practitioners and team stakeholders unique ways to monitor and improve the performance of their teams through better health.

PWR Lab's advanced data analytics help identify over- and under-trained athletes, overall preparedness, and when athletes are at greater risk of injury.

Your PWR Lab Coaching Dashboard

PWR Lab crafts the narrative. Coaches and Athletes read the story, communicating daily, in a simple, strategic way.

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Effective coaching starts with consistent communication. We believe that effective athlete monitoring begins with using accessible data athletes collect everyday and visualizing the data that matters, such as:

Training load

Changes in Fitness

Athlete Wellness

Daily Debrief

ANALYZE What Matters.

PWR Lab believes a picture is worth a thousand words. Condensing a complex spreadsheet into a simple graphic is where the magic happens.

ACT on What Matters.

Viewing data within the context of PWR Lab allows for effective and efficient decision making, leading to improved health and performance.

Running Club

Running Clubs Rejoice

PWR Lab gives running club leaders the tools to stay engaged with their members’ running health and performance.

get the gang back together: create fun and engaging events and challenges, regardless of physical distance

give your club members an extra push to be intentional about avoiding injury, and then provide the tools to make it simple

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